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The main goal of Orot Sara preschool is to raise well-adjusted, happy children. We do this by surrounding them in a positive, warm, and loving atmosphere with developmentally appropriate materials, activities, and classroom goals. Our teachers care for the girls with their full hearts and develop each one of them as an individual student. We focus on the development of the whole child, including the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual development right from the start to lay the foundation for the rest of their lives.


Everything in the preschool is a hands-on experience stimulating their intellectual curiosity. We start laying the foundations for math, language, literacy, and science. Our teachers work hard to spark their intellectual curiosity through projects, music, movement, and intentional play.

We focus on building independence by teaching them how to solve problems, identify their emotions, notice emotions in their peers, and develop friendships. We allow them to make their own decisions and choices to help foster independent thinking.


We start from preschool to foster a love for Hashem and an understanding of our beautiful way of life/heritage. Through music, art, projects, and special activities, we lay the foundation for a lifetime of Torah and Mitzvot through love. Our teachers are living and loving role models to our students and are our girl’s first impression of leading a Torah life. Their own love for Hashem translates into everything they do in their classrooms.

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