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At Orot Sarah our goal is to see what’s special and what’s great about every child and to bring out the best in each one. Our teachers’ dedication to their students is unparalleled. To our teachers, each student is like a bat yechida both spiritually and academically. This devotion coupled with our superior academic curriculum (something like that) is what Orot Sarah Elementary is all about. 


At BYOS, our curriculum is never stagnant. The world around us is constantly changing, and new developments in child development and learning are catalysts for new classroom systems. We take pride in researching various programs and selecting top-quality curriculum content, mode and delivery. Our teachers constantly engage with top coaches in all core subjects bringing the latest in education to their classrooms. Our staff is composed of professionals in various fields including parental coaching, special education, behavioral therapy, speech therapy, music, dance, literacy and math coaches, and various specialties. The results speak for themselves as our students excel in their studies and tests, surpassing many schools on their standardized reading assessments, ELA & math state exams. 


One of the Hallmark values of Orot Sarah is instilling a love for Torah and Mitzvot in the girls. First, we analyze our spiritual goals for our girls and then we develop programs to enhance the girls’ appreciation for these Torah values. A very important part of being a Jewish woman is connecting to Hashem through tefilah. The girls sing their tefilah every morning accompanied by a beautiful CD that was recorded by our high school students.

Another focal mitzvah of a Bat Yisrael is tzeniut, and at Orot Sara tzeniut is not just a list of rules. Through songs, workshops, and activities, they understand tzeniut to be an all-encompassing attitude. Shabbat also plays an essential role in every Jewish home, and if you walk into our auditorium any Friday morning you’ll be moved by the sight and the sound of hundreds of girls singing inspiring Erev Shabbat songs. Our spiritual curriculum is designed to touch and ignite the hearts of our girls so that they have a spiritual glow, which shines forth from within.


At Orot Sarah we believe that a child’s social and emotional development plays a critical part of their education. Each year we focus on a different theme that will enhance the girls’ perspective on life and relationships. These themes have included a growth mindset, Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people, growth mindset, the champion revolution, and innate health. Each class has an interactive workshop every other week where they learn and then discuss how these topics have impacted their daily lives.


The extracurricular at Orot Sarah Elementary is designed to tap into the talents and passions of each girl and give each one an opportunity to shine. Every class has at least one performance each year, we have exciting fairs both in limude kodesh and general studies, and trips that co-ordinate with each grade’s curriculum. Starting from elementary we infuse the spirit of chessed into the girls through visiting old age homes, packing for food pantries, and various chessed activities.

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