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Our Faculty

Rabbi David Maslaton


A community rabbi and activist, Rabbi Maslaton has been serving and teaching in the community, first in Congregation Kol Israel and presently in Bnei Shaare Zion, for over twenty years. In addition to being the spiritual leader of BYOS, Rabbi Maslaton is committed to providing each girl with every academic, social, and extracurricular advantage.

Elementary Division

Judaic Studies Department

Mrs. Shany Gurwitz

Elementary Principal, Limude Kodesh

Mrs. Gurwitz combines her expertise in Limude Kodesh materials with her ability to break them down into skills to create an unparalleled curriculum. Her creative flair is evident in the fun lessons she models as well as the exciting school celebrations and assemblies. Her insight and  understanding of her staff and students make her beloved as a principal, and her wise and warm counsel is much sought after among our parent body. 

English Studies Department

Mrs. Renelle Maslaton, M.S. Ed

Elementary Principal, General Studies

Mrs. Maslaton started out as a beloved high school teacher at Magen David Yeshiva High School, as well as a special education teacher in private practice for many years. Always seeking out the latest in education, Mrs. Maslaton keeps the general studies department on the cutting edge of best practice. Her love and concern for each student is apparent in the connection they share with her.

Mrs. Tammy Sassoon, M.S. Ed

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Sassoon is a much sought-after expert in the field of Behavior Management. She uses specific practical strategies to inspire children to lead emotionally and socially healthy and productive lives. Mrs. Sassoon brings her extensive knowledge of behavior and social dynamics to tap into students' strengths. In her bi-monthly workshops in grades 1-8, she imparts invaluable life skills to the girls to help bring out the potential that exists within each one.

High School Division

Judaic Studies Department

Mrs. Aviva Ben-Haim

Menahelet and Principal

Mrs. Ben-Haim has been the menahelet and principal of Bet Yaakov Orot Sarah High School since its humble beginnings of 12 girls, twelve years ago. Mrs. Ben-Haim received her BSN from Downstate University and her teacher’s certification from Sara Schenirer Teacher's College in Israel. Mrs. Ben-Haim teaches Mishlei in the 9th grade and Kedushat Habayit, a unique hashkafically-based life skills course that prepares the girls for their future roles as wives and mothers. Mrs. Ben-Haim inspires her students to reach their potential, and is passionate about educating and shaping the future Imahot of Am Yisrael.

Mrs. Rivka Bresler

Ivrit and Kohelet 

Mrs. Bresler, a tenth generation Yerushalmi, has been in Chinuch for the past 26 years. Her teachings include 9th grade Ivrit and 11th grade Kohelet at Orot Sarah High School, Halacha at Bais Yaakov of Boro Park and Shir Hashirim at the Brooklyn Seminary. Mrs. Bresler’s authentic enthusiasm and her contagious passion comes through in each and every lesson.

Mrs. Rochel Haber


Mrs. Haber grew up in Brooklyn and attended BYA and then BJJ seminary. She then moved to Lakewood and taught in Staten Island and later in Bais Kaila H.S.  She moved back to Brooklyn, and 5 years ago began teaching in Bet Yaakov Orot Sarah. Teaching is a passion of hers and she very much tries to reach the girls by tapping into the messages we can take from the Chumash. She currently teaches Chumash in the 9th grade & Nosi'im B’Chumash Beraishit in the 12th grade. Mrs. Haber feels that teaching in this wonderful school has enriched her life, and hopes the girls remember the lessons they learned and apply it to their lives, both now and in the future.

Mrs. Rena Hachuel

Megilot and Tehilim

Mrs. Hachuel has been part of the Orot Sarah family for the past 7 years. She teaches 9th grade Megillot and 12th grade Tehillim in BYOS and is the 12th grade mechanechet.  In addition, she teaches in Bnos Yaakov High School and is a kallah teacher in the community. She is a graduate of Ateret Torah High School and BJJ seminary.  One of her main goals as a teacher is to instill in her students solid hashkafot and infuse them with Yir'at Shamayim. She enjoys a close connection with her students during their school years as well as after they graduate. 

Mrs. Sara Malka


Mrs. Malka, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Shwekey, grew up in a home that valued reciting berachot in an exact way. Saying berachot properly imbued her with a true sense of responsibility that she brings into her Halacha classroom. She is an avid follower of the teachings of Rav Avigdor Miller zt"l. Rabbi Miller's broad ideas on many subjects that develop a Jew have influenced Mrs. Malka to combine both these teachings and those of her father to create a beautiful blend which she shares with our girls in her Halacha class. Mrs. Malka teaches ladies classes in Shaare Zion and in Ateret Torah. She also teaches in Shaare Bina Seminary.

Mrs. Sarah Salem

Parasha and Chumash

Mrs. Salem has been part of the amazing Orot Sarah staff for over 10 years. Fortified by her solid educational background in both Limudei Chol and Limudei Kodesh, Mrs. Salem teaches Parasha in the 9th, 10th and 11th grades as well as Nosi'im B’Chumash Devarim in the 11th grade. Mrs. Salem’s goal is to instill in the girls solid Hashkafic values with the Torah as our guide for everyday life. Mrs. Salem is also a mechanechet, forming connections and offering guidance to the girls both inside and outside of the classroom.

Mrs. Stella Tawil

Hanhagat Bat Yisroel

General Studies Department

Mrs. Sophia Dweck

General Studies Principal

Mrs. Dweck is the high school general studies principal at Bet Yaakov Orot Sarah. She is a proud mother and grandmother and has been in Chinuch for over 25 year. Formerly in New Jersey and now in Brooklyn, her focus and passion has always been “raising the bar” in Jewish educational standards for girls. Mrs. Dweck has developed a computer technology curriculum that she teaches in grades 8-12 in Orot Sarah and is an adjunct professor of computers in Mercy College and in Touro College. She holds a BS degree in Computer and Information Science and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership.

Mrs. Miriam Churba


Mrs. Churba is a graduate of Ateret Torah and attended BJJ seminary in Israel. Her teaching experience spanning the past several years has included high school History, Science and English Language Arts. Mrs. Churba’s command of the English Language, combined with her clear self-expression, makes the literature she teaches in her classroom come alive.

Mrs. Chany Ilowitz


Mrs. Ilowitz is a graduate of Bnos Zion of Boro Park and Bais Yaakov Seminary. She completed her Masters degree in education with TTI and received certification through Sara Schenirer Institute. Mrs. Ilowitz has been teaching Math in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade for the past eight years. She believes that success can be achieved by any student who sets her mind to a  goal, and she is there to help them reach those goals.

Mrs. Rose Kabani

Jewish History, Global Studies and American History; Earth Science and Navi

Mrs. Kabani graduated from Ateret Torah High School and attended BJJ seminary in Israel. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Education and is currently pursuing a Master's in Education. Mrs. Kabani has been teaching for the past eight years and currently teaches the 9th, 10th & 12th grades. Her subjects include Jewish, Global and American History; Earth Science and Navi Yeshaya. She is an 11th grade Mechanechet at Orot Sarah, in addition to teaching at other community high schools. Her clarity in teaching and her depth and broad knowledge base have earned the admiration and trust of her students.

Mrs. Chaya Paskesz

Mrs. Paskesz's strategy is simple: make material that might be perceived as difficult, understandable, by creating a learning environment that is entertaining and dynamic. Mrs. Paskesz exudes passion for her subject matter, which combined with her signature clarity and creativity, creates a compelling environment that engages her students.

Mrs. Miriam Shalam

Gym and Assistant Extra Curricular Coordinator

Rivka Kechek is an alumnus of Orot Sarah. She is assistant extra-curricular coordinator. She is beloved by the girls and brings Simcha into everything she does.

Mrs. Chaya Rivka Skaly


With over a dozen years of teaching experience in both Limudei Kodesh and Regents subjects, Mrs. Skaly is a wonderful asset to the Orot Sarah team. She is a graduate of BJJ Teachers' Seminary and of Touro college, having graduated with a BA that includes a concentration in math and science. Mrs. Skaly teaches

9th grade algebra as well as 11th grade Trigonometry at Orot Sarah. She also teaches at Shaare Torah and Bais Yaakov D'Rav Meir. Mrs. Skaly's focus is on preparing her students thoroughly for the Regents exams. Her passion is helping students excel where they thought they couldn't!

Mrs. Tawil is a distinguished member of our community. She is a proud wife, mother and grandmother. She has been teaching Hanhagat Bat Yisrael – The Role of the Jewish Daughter - at Orot Sarah High School for over 10 years. She brings the emet of Torah values with tremendous love and passion into the classroom, and plays a vital role in the development of our students into Bnot Yisrael. She has broadened her teachings to include Orot Sarah 7th & 8th grades and is often invited to be a guest speaker in our community.

Mrs. Fraida Yormark


Mrs. Yormark has been part of the Orot Sarah team right from the beginning. She connects with her students through her beautiful Navi lessons. A graduate of Yeshiva of Brooklyn and BJJ Seminary, Mrs. Yormark teaches Navi in the 9th, 10th & 12th grades. In addition to teaching in Orot Sarah, she also teaches in Yeshiva of Brooklyn High School.

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