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Our Mission

Bet Yaakov Orot Sarah was founded with the vision to build a Sephardic educational institution for girls that would cater to each individual student. Our school includes a preschool, elementary and high school. It is our goal to provide a rigorous Judaic and General Studies education, with an emphasis on middot, yir’at shamayim and personal growth. Through our superior educational and life skills programs, as well as our warm relationship with each girl, we provide our students with the tools they need to achieve success in their academic, professional and personal endeavors. 


Our mission is to transmit our beautiful Mesorah with warmth, joy and love.
Throughout our history, it has always been the Jewish mothers who have molded and shaped the next generations. It is our privilege to raise and educate generations of Jewish mothers who will bring nahat ru’ah to Hashem, as well as to our community. 


With our vision and goals in place, the momentum towards growth never stops. The yardsticks that measure our successes are the beautiful smiles on our student’s faces, the thank you notes from the parent-body, the seminary and college acceptance letters, the job opportunities received, the wedding invitations, and the building of each beautiful bayit ne’eman be’Yisrael. May Hashem continue to guide and pave His way for our students and smile upon them, as they each make their unique contributions to our nation. 

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